Emilia Romagna Welcome

A nest for families on the coast

In Romagna, everyone can find their dimension, from the dawn of a new day, until sunset. For all tastes, for all ages, the Riviera of Romagna is an unforgettable experience.

Child-friendly beaches

They run fast, enjoy every dive into the sea, you can hear them screaming with joy when they see the games: each year, it is the kids who enjoy unique experiences on the beaches of the Riviera, where the two capital ‘S’s’ have always reigned supreme – Serenity and Safety. Every bathing establishment has games areas and fun parks with babysitting services and entertainment. Because a safe holiday, is a serene holiday!

Having fun is serious business

In Romagna, having fun is serious business: well-equipped beaches, games that fill the spacious cabins with colours, beach attendants always ready to keep bathers safe. A concentration of energy and serenity, as the sky is reflected in the sea and every new day is a day to remember. Beaches that are accessible for all, where our four-legged friends can run free in areas specially set aside for them. Beaches that respect the environment, where kids are safe to have fun, building sandcastles and diving into the sea. In Romagna, fun never ends: a stone’s throw from the sea, there is always an amusement park waiting to be discovered (www.rivieradeiparchi.it).


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