Emilia Romagna Welcome

Notes by night

From morning to evening, in Romagna there is always good reason to celebrate and enjoy excellent music in great company. Because music has always been part of this land, chosen by numerous Italian and international artists.

Rhythm that never wanes

Having fun with music, on the beach, from the first rays of the morning sun through to evening, without realising the time passing. Dancing with our feet in the sand, enjoying a drink with friends. Belting out songs until dawn, knowing that the new day will be waiting to reward us with new and intense emotions.

Sounds and emotions

Concerts at dawn, as the sun welcomes the new day, a refined aperitif at sunset: unique and unforgettable experiences. Tunes and melodies that echo around the sea, where you can feel the sense of freedom and lightness that accompanies life in Romagna every day.


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