Emilia Romagna Welcome

A beach of pure energy

Romagna means relaxation, fun and great sport and fitness opportunities: smelling of the sea, the beach becomes a natural gym for keeping in shape and looking after yourself. In this land of wellness, any time of the day is the perfect time for doing a little physical activity.

Between the waves and dunes

Sand is the realm of beach versions of lots of sports – volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and frisbee – the only rule is having fun! And then the sea, ideal for a number of water sports, like windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and paddle boarding. It is a privilege to be able to ride the waves, harnessing their power.

Moments of pure wellness

Recreating harmony by taking care of yourself is the first gesture of love. Beach establishments on the Riviera are kitted out with gym equipment and offer fitness and yoga lessons on the seashore. There are also large whirlpool tubs and wellness spas, for moments of pure pleasure.

Becoming kids again is child’s play

Playing and having fun as only kids know how; here every adult can reawaken their inner child thanks to water parks, festivals and educational theme events.


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