Emilia Romagna Welcome

The unexpected charm of the beaches

The beach is always fascinating, both in summer and winter. That is when its wildest beauty captivates all those who come to breathe in the sea air and clear their minds, rediscovering inner peace.


Sand, sea and dreams

So free and wild, the beach changes when the weather gets colder, no longer hiding its beauty. It is enchanting when it turns white, after snow comes knocking at our doors or when it is the undisputed focus of Christmas thanks to the Nativity scenes that each year become veritable works of art, attracting thousands of tourists.


Enchanting all year round

With the first rays of sun that announce the arrival of spring, Romagna awakes from winter with a whirlwind of events that open the new summer season. On the beach flying kites, playing beach volleyball on the wet sand and regattas are unforgettable moments that prepare everyone for the warmer months ahead.



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