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Along the Salt Roads

Salt Roads are not simple paths or trails, but authentic experiences that take us from Cervia to Comacchio, hurtling through Ravenna to the enchanted landscape of the Po Delta Park. In the heart of Romagna, the salt mines and their history are the “white gold” that helped the city of Cervia to flourish in 1274, when trading in salt began.



Discovering white gold

The Salt Mine of Cervia, a station in the south of the Po Delta Parka, which has always been known as the “City of White Gold” and that reached its splendour under the influence of Venice, boasts an ancient history. It still produces salt using ancient methods; this is done “in differentiated basins”, in other words, by moving seawater from one basin to another, combining the action of the sun and the wind. Salt is harvested once a year in August and what is produced is a sweet whole salt, ideal for cooking and now a select ingredient used by award-winning chefs.



Intense flavours, delightful cycle rides

Cycling, a myriad of fragrances enveloping riders. Between the salt mines and pine forests, from Cervia to Comacchio, what stands out is the delicious flavour of eels, the lightness of clams, the fragrance of fried seafood and the intensity of grilled anchovies seasoned with lemon zest.



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