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The inland’s dual soul

From the sea to the hills and as far as the Apennines, the lands between Forlì and Cesena are a succession of nature and culture, a delightful, ever-changing sequence of environments and buildings. Hills and mountains, the dual soul of the inland area near Forlì embraces all cycling enthusiasts, from those who choose the more demanding route, to those who wouldn’t turn their nose up at regenerating stops, because the beauty of Romagna is a gift for all.



Cycling and relaxing

Even the greatest cycling enthusiasts like to pamper themselves now and then. In this land of wellness, between Fratte, Castrocaro and Bagno di Romagna, enjoy the relaxation offered by the thermal spas that still echo with the splendour of the Roman Empire.


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On the slopes of the apennines

The gently-rolling hills give way to the harsh mountains: in the deepest inland areas of the Province of Forlì soar the Apennines that are a delight to climb by bicycle, preferably by mountain bike. But the mountains, like the sea, never fail to reward great effort, with the enchanting natural beauty of the National Park of the Casentine Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna.


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