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Ravenna, Dante’s refuge

It is in the tercets of the Divine Comedy that Medieval Ravenna is recounted in all its beauty and importance during the rule of the Da Polenta. The Great Poet found refuge for his tired limbs in this very city and was welcomed by Guido Novello of the Polenta family, and here he wrote the last verses of his masterpiece.

Ravenna and its monuments, which are kissed by the sun and embraced by the sea, are the setting of a love tragedy that we are still moved by and recall to this day: the death of Francesca Da Polenta, who was killed by her husband Gianciotto Malatesta, for having had the courage to follow her heart and yield to the love of Paolo Il Bello, Gianciotto’s brother.

The Brancaleone Fortress, a symbol of the Venetian domination

The Brancaleone Fortress is a symbol of the Venetian domination, and the only example of a city fortification in Ravenna. And it is in this building that vestiges of the Medieval period in Ravenna are housed, from the domination of the Papal State, to the elegant buildings of the Da Polenta, up to the Republic of Venice, which constructed the fortress in the mid XV century.


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