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Every town has a castle

The fortified Romagna

A land of castles and fortresses that was exposed to attacks which it had to fend off during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, everything in Romagna speaks of the greatness of the Malatesta Dynasty, of the Lords of Faenza and Forlì, and of the Delizie of the Estensi. It is an expanse of castles that preserves the memories of our land, and of the people who made it great.


Wars and revolts, feuds and alliances: from Medieval times to the Renaissance, Romagna was the protagonist of many bloody attacks and defensive strategies. Towers, fortresses and impressive castles tower over the land, and are the timeless testament of an area that was fought over, which exudes the allure of thousands of years of history.

It is a pleasure to wonder through the hilltop towns of the Valmarecchia and Valconca Valleys, the setting of the lengthy struggle for land between the Malatesta and Montefeltro Dynasties. The echoes of the battles and the cries of victory fade and become calmer and quieter in the area of Ferrara, where the House of Este used to stay in refined historic buildings and palazzi (Delights). Castles and fortresses speak of the deeds of the Manfredi and Ordelaffi Lords, who were ever ready to defend their land.

From the coast to the hinterland, fortified Romagna is an expanse of castles, fortresses and towers, evidence of a millennial history.


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