Emilia Romagna Welcome

An open air stage

Free flowing words that move the spectators, surprising them each time, and enveloping them in a warm embrace: that is the beauty of the theatre, and towns in Romagna number many theatres. From the Bonci in Cesena to the Comunale in Ferrara, from the Massari in San Giovanni in Marignano to the refurbished Galli in Rimini: operas, ballets and masterpieces in prose are our daily pride and joy.

The jewels of the Rimini theatre

Destroyed by the bombings of World War II and having undergone lengthy restoration, the Amintore Galli theatre in Rimini was brought back to life at the end of 2018 and handed back to the city in all its historic and cultural splendour.
It is a veritable jewel in the heart of the city with its majestic nineteenth century architecture and findings that came to light during the restoration work: eighteenth century town ovens, a city quarter from the Middle Ages, a burial complex, and lastly the remains of Roman houses known as domus.

The town theatre, the pearl of Ferrara

A perfect example of the structure known as the “Italian style theatre”, the Town Theatre in Ferrara was inaugurated in 1798. The horseshoe shape of the theatre, the absence of tiered steps and the very deep stage blend harmoniously with the frescoes that decorate the ceiling and the stalls. In 2014, it was dedicated to the memory of Claudio Abbado, who was its art director for many years.



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