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From the sea to the mountains, where everything is poetry


The land of rhymes and light-hearted verses, expanses of sonnets and rivers of poems, Romagna is poetry itself. Everywhere the echoes of Giovanni Pascoli’s poem “little child” are still heard, along with the rugged dialect of Tonino Guerra, the rigour of the Neoclassicism of Vincenzo Monti, and the wonderful Corto Maltese, the cynical, yet ever loyal imaginary character by Rimini-born Hugo Pratt, one of the most important cartoonist in the world!



Hand in hand with Pascoli’s “little child”

«Romagna, the sunny and gentle land,
governed by the Guidi and Malatesta;
and dominated by the Passator cortese,
the king of the roads and of the forrest.»
(Giovanni Pascoli, «Romagna (to Severino)», from Myricae.)

Giovanni Pascoli’s poetic strength lies in his bond with his land. He was born and grew up in San Mauro di Romagna, which today houses the Casa Pascoli Museum. A safe nest in which to preserve his bond with his nearest and dearest for a short, yet intense time, the Romagna extolled by Pascoli is represented by the child’s leap, his capacity to feel amazement for nature; playing is seen as a way to approach life in a vortex of emotions that have an evocative strength that surprises us to this day.


Dialect, a poetic delight

There is no poetry in Romagna without dialect, the language which in the second half of the 20th century broke the mould of the flowery language used until then, and created verses that to this day are a fundamental part of our culture. We owe a lot to Tonino Guerra, who was bold enough to approach poetry with the language of comedy, and who paved the way for other great poets of this gentle land such as Raffaello Baldini and Gianni Fucci. A great friend of Federico Fellini’s, Tonino Guerra wrote the scripts for the great Master’s most renowned films.



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