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The soul of Romagna in a glass

The real voice of my land is the one that lauds its wines”, claimed Tonino Guerra, lover of Sangiovese or Sanzve”s as we say here in Romagna when we raise a toast with whoever comes to meet us. Because Sangiovese encapsulates all the flavour of Romagna: it is frank, exuberant, blunt, robust and welcoming, sometimes rough on the outside, but always sincere and delicate. The precious nectar of black grape varieties, extremely common throughout central Italy, perfect for serving with piping-hot meat sauces and enjoying with a delicious barbecue with friends. The Sangiovese vines thrive in Bertinoro, which is considered the capital of Romagna hospitality, as represented by the Colonna degli Anelli (or “delle Anella”) made of white stones, testimony of the hospitality of the Bertinorese.

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A sip of Romagna

Rebola, present in the Rimini area since ancient times, was referred to as “Ruibola or “Greco” in certain documents dating from 1378. It is a white grape variety from the Hellenic region and is akin to similar varieties found in central and southern Italy, like Greco or Grechetto.
In the past, Rebola was almost on the verge of disappearing in the Rimini area, but thanks to the commitment and hard work of local wine producers, in particular in the Coriano area, this light golden wine has been salvaged, consolidating its great potential.



Walking around the vineyards

There is so much beauty hidden in our vineyards, that seem to stretch for ever over the hills of Romagna, almost as if to express its wide, open spaces and sparkling air. Our wines have always expressed who we are and it fairly common to come across wine cellars and farms where visitors can join in the grape harvest or share the first taste of new wine. A long tradition, now enriched thanks to new grape processing methods that have given us some select organic and biodynamic wines.


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