Emilia Romagna Welcome

All the colours of the night

From Ferrara to Cattolica, nights in Romagna come to life throughout the year with their own colours, made up of music, dancing and parties for all ages. Music that warms the cold winter nights, whilst summer sunsets dissolve into unrestrained dancing on the beach until dawn.

The key players of every event

Romagna is the loud rippling of the sea, the reassuring melody of the hills and the silent echoing of the mountains. Jazz, rock, punk and DJ sets, every event becomes an unforgettable celebration.

Music beyond the darkness

The moon in Romagna is particularly beautiful when it looks at itself frivolously in the sea, from where music echoes to illuminate every night, tearing through the dark to leave way to all those who want to dance and sing songs, sometimes off-key, sometimes making up the words, but always full of life and fun.


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