Emilia Romagna Welcome
Rock experience 2

The notes of Romagna

Musicians, poets, dreamers, laid-back by nature, music flowing through our veins. Romagna welcomes top international events, where every concert is an opportunity to feel part of an unforgettable party. This is living rock & roll; the only way the people of Romagna know how.


A love for every tune

Where there is music there are no barriers; where there is music there are contaminations and every soul can find a home in this land of sea and hills. Pop, rap, jazz and classical, music is overwhelming, offering us new and exhilarating tunes and melodies.

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Dancing barefoot on the beach

Some live listening to music, others listen to music to feel alive. On the beach, our feet covered in sand, regardless of whether its night or day, staring at the sun that turns into the moon. Music is warm with nature and the beach welcomes the night with all its lights and notes.


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