Emilia Romagna Welcome
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The rumble of the engines

For people of Romagna the roar of the engine is the music that makes the soul vibrate. The acrid and intense smell of petrol, dirty hands covered in oil and grease; this is a mood that shakes us up, it intoxicates us, that sense of freedom that makes you feel alive on every road ridden.


A land of champions

Romagna is a cradle of great talents, free spirits who, with passion and determination, have become the champions of two wheels. The champions of tomorrow, who find their baptismal font in the Riders’ Land, know this well: if everything is under control, you are going too slow.



A passion that unites

The roar of engines, rallies and competitions are a colourful whirlwind of emotions. A passion that unites, food that becomes an excuse for a party, in Romagna every event is an ode to joy and every hairpin bend and curve satisfies the desire for adventure.


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