Romagna, pleased to meet you

What makes us so special

A smile

In Romagna we have fun all day, every day. Smiling brings with it many benefits and the one that stands out in particular is our ability to live every minute of the day with joy and a positive approach: Romagna, just saying it brings a smile to your face.  


With our feet in the sand 

Where can you sip a delicious coffee with wonderful sea views, surrounded by sandcastles, relax doing yoga at dawn or walk barefoot on the sand until the sun finally sets? So many questions, but only one answer - in Romagna.


The wonder of nature

Parks and nature reserves that will amaze visitors, along paths and in underground caves where you can abandon yourselves to the charm of unspoilt nature, rich in colours, sounds and vitality that will help you leave behind the hubbub of the city and tune into the bellows of the deer or the song of the nightingales.


Two thousand years of history 

The land that Julius Caesar chose to lay the foundations of the Roman Empire: stubborn, strong and brave, just like the noble leader. We look to the future, proud of our roots and the past millennia that made Romagna the cradle of one of the most important civilisations.


In every city a castle

A land of beauty and fortresses, memories of the past and the great seignories enclosed in our castles, symbols of power and wealth that still astound us thanks to their majesty, the imposing remains of a history with a thousand different facets. 


The land of champions

People born in Romagna learn to ride a bicycle before they learn to walk. Here, any excuse is a good excuse to get on our bikes and set off around our hills, mountains and parks; every ride affords a wonderful sensation of freedom and sights of rare beauty.


The world’s biggest restaurant 

Mention great food and Romagna immediately springs to mind. The flavours of our land are an asset we honour every day at the table, always in great company. Passion, culture and tradition are the ingredients that make our food an Italian excellence around the world.


The hospitality of culture 

The land of Romagna is millennia old with a rich heritage of monuments, great names and works of art in a blend of ancient history, cinema and theatre. In our cities we are surrounded by timeless artistic delights, bearing witness to a land that is keen to preserve and is rightly proud of its past. 

Last update 10/07/2024