An online library of key publications and brochures about Romagna that you can download and consult on the go

Which seaside resort should you choose for your break on the Romagna Riviera?
What is there to see at the Po Delta Park?

The publications listed in this section provide answers to these questions and many more about the Romagna area to help you plan all the finer details of your holiday.

The list below is divided by topic and also includes maps of a number of cities, cycling routes and more detailed information on regional food and wine specialties.

This material is free to download and available in a variety of languages.

Via Romagna

460 km of minor paved roads and dirt roads through the villages, vineyards, fortresses and castles of Romagna.

Romagna by motorcycle

5 Itineraries
- In Dante's footsteps
- Discovering Piero's Lands and the places bound to Tonino Guerra's soul
- The land of the Champions
- Coast to coast
- Seeking the lost Po River branch

Map of Romagna - The italian land of dolce vita

Two thousand years of history. The hospitality of culture. The land of champions. With our feet in the sand. Every town has a castel. The wonder of nature. The world's largest restaurant. The rhythm of music.

Unforgettable Experiences #inEmiliaRomagna

A collection of the best stories from content creators from around the world.

Ferrara - Sense the city

Information on the monuments and museums in Ferrara, complete with suggestive pictures

Comacchio Po Delta Park Riviera - Enjoy your holiday!

A specific guidebook of Comacchio and its Lidos, with a detailed list of events, bathing establishments and all kind of useful information, complete with splendid pictures.

Riviera di Comacchio. Nice to meet you! 2020

New Catalogue 2020: the tale of a family holiday through shores, sea and nature; an experience of pleasure, taste, beauty and freedom at the Beaches of Comacchio and the Po Delta Park.

Provincia di Ferrara. Endless beauty

The publication comes complete with splendid pictures, useful information and curiosities.

Romagna bike

Romagna is a generous land, a land of champions packed with breath-taking routes, facilities and events. In Romagna, hapiness travels on two wheels.

Rocca di Riolo Terme

Discovering the Rocca di Riolo Terme, an ancient stronghold of the Senio Valley.

San Mauro Mare Tourist accomodation yearbook 2021

Discover all the accommodation facilities

Explore the Savio Valley

A splendid valley between Romagna and Tuscany that extends from the sources of the Tiber river and the Savio river to the plain that laps the Adriatic Sea.

Explore Mercato Saraceno

Discover the scenic beauty and nature trails that make Mercato Saraceno a pleasant stop in the Savio valley.

Gatteo Mare brochure 2020

Gatteo Mare, seventy years of Italian summer

Gatteo Mare tourist accommodation list 2020

Discover all the possibilities to stay in Gatteo Mare

Map of San Mauro Mare - 2020

On a beach that reflects Adriatc sea colors, San Mauro Mare expresses the best talent for hospitality

San Mauro Mare, the family holiday 2020

A small and quiet seaside resort, suitable for families and a very wide variety of hotels, apartments, beach and sport centers; besides a little part of the beach is dedicated to people who like to spend their holidays with their pets. Since 2016 dogs are allowed to bath into the sea.

Russi (Ravenna) 2015

Discover Russi, ancient farming town that preserves the traditions of the past.

Riolo Terme (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Riolo Terme, antique SPA town in the green of the Apennines.

Ravenna 2015

Discovering Ravenna, a mosaic of art and culture.

Marina e Punta Marina (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina: sea, fun and wellbeing.

Lugo (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Lugo, lively old town of eighteenth-century style.

Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe: pinewood and golden beaches.

Lido Adriano and Lido di Dante (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Lido Adriano and Lido di Dante: sun, sea and relaxation by the green of the pinewood.

Faenza (Ravenna) 2015

Discovering Faenza, between art, ceramics and nature.