Achille Funi. Un maestro del Novecento tra storia e mito

At Palazzo dei Diamanti, a great exhibition dedicated to the Ferrarese painter Achille Funi, a master of twentieth century art

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    Palazzo dei Diamanti
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    Art and exhibtion
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  • Date
    2023 Oct 28 - Feb 25, 2024
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Palazzo dei Diamanti opens its doors with an exhibition dedicated to Achille Funi, a key figure in the major art movements that characterized Italian art in the first half of the 20th century: from his Futurist research to his attention to the poetics of Magical Realism, from his dialogue with New Objectivity to the modern classicism of the “Novecento” group up to the muralism of the 1930s. 

He loved the classic myths and the Renaissance culture, to the point that he was considered a new humanist. Funi was able to draw on the classical figurative tradition, but also to look to contemporary languages like those of Cézanne, Picasso, Derain, and de Chirico.

Over 130 works illustrate his entire career: oil and tempera paintings, watercolours, drawings and preparatory cartoons for the large frescos and mosaics allow us to rediscover the extraordinary talents of one of the great masters of the 20th century.

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