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Two thousand years of history

The Imperial Romagna

“Let us advance whither the prodigies of the gods and the injustice of our enemies call us. Let the die be cast!” – Gaius Julius Caesar
The land of kings and emperors. It was in the very heart of Romagna that the New Roman Empire was born, when Julius Caesar, the de facto emperor, crossed the Rubicon River, creating a net division between history up to then, and what was to follow.

In this sun-kissed land the Roman Empire with a “western flavour” set its roots. Among findings and traces of ancient architecture we still perceive the echo of the splendour of the Capital Ravenna and of a Rimini that was the hub of commerce and connections with Rome, along which remarkable “flowers” and great authors of Latin literature were born: Sarsina, the land of the great poet and playwright Titus Maccius Plautus, and Bagno di Romagna, a place where to this day the spa waters are synonymous with beauty and relaxation.

With over 22 centuries of history, what is an international tourist destination today, the town that was once called Ariminum was the junction of important roads that linked the North to the Centre of Italy. Rimini was, in fact, the protagonist of two great works commissioned by the Senate in Rome, two consular roads: the via Flaminia and the via Emilia. The first one connects Rome to Rimini, and ends at the Augustus Arch. While the via Emilia starts at the Tiberius Bridge and extends as far as Piacenza for 100 km, crossing the greatest wonders of the region.

When the period of the kings began, after the last emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed, the first kingdom of Italy was born, founded in 488 by Theodoric the Great, whose capital was Ravenna for a long time. The memory of those years of lively political, social and economic activity is preserved in the monuments of the city, which are part of the World Heritage Sites today. Mosaics, paintings and majestic palaces tell us of a lively city in whose streets you could encounter Popes and Emperors, and Kings and Queens; a city with an oriental flavour, which amazes us to this day with its refined beauty.


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