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Thalassotherapy in Romagna

The therapeutic power of seawater on the shores of the Adriatic

Wanting to pamper our bodies and the pursuit of happiness has always led us to seek new alternatives to relax and keep fit. Often, however, it is forgotten that seawater can be very beneficial thanks to its particular composition.

For some time now, all along the coasts of Romagna, modern thalassotherapy has been used to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of the Adriatic Sea, as well as the favourable climatic and environmental factors of the entire territory. 
The result is a long list of treatments such as baths, showers and swimming pools, sand-baths, seaweed, irrigations and inhalation therapies that attract patrons from all over Europe throughout the year.

The first therapeutic treatments with seawater were experimented with at the spas of Rimini, a long history of success that started in 1876 with the Hydrotherapeutic Resort, which then became the Thalassotherapy Resort, which today corresponds to the modern spa facility overlooking the sea between Rimini and Riccione.

Last update 09/04/2024