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On the towers trail

Rediscovering the historic 15th and 16th-century castles of Ferrara

The Towers Trail: rediscovering the historic 15th and 16th-century castles of Ferrara explores the  towers and fortifications dating from the late Renaissance period. From Poggio Renatico, where you can admire the ruins of Lambertini Castle and Torre Fornasini, the route passes through Coronella, home of another tower, the Torre del Fondo on the canal towards Bologna, and then to the Torre dell’Uccellino, which is part of an ancient castle built by the people of Bologna in 1242. The tower takes its name from the hunting falcon carved into one of the stones.

From there, we head towards Poggio Renatico and the entrance to Ferrara. The route passes by the Bastion of S. Antonio, the Porta dell’Amore (“Gate of Love”), another bastion, the Baluardo di S. Tommaso and finally a section of wall, the Sottomura Est degli Angeli. Once in the historic centre of Ferrara, through Via Porta Mare you can discover the 16th-century frescoes  forcibly removed from the Torre Fornasini at Poggio Renatico and now kept at the National Art Gallery of Ferrara. The tour ends with a visit to the masterpieces kept in the Estense Castle.



Distance: 34.6 km 
Duration: 2 h 54 min

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A fascinating cycling tour that takes you from Poggio Renatico to explore the ancient towers and fortifications of Ferrara and Bologna. The trail ends in Ferrara, where Renaissance art and architecture complete your visit.

The itinerary begins at the train station of Poggio Renatico. Follow Via Stazione as far as Via Matteotti, where you turn left towards Piazza Castello, where you will find the ruins of the Lambertini Castle, currently closed for consolidation and refurbishment works. You continue along Via Matteotti past Torre Fornasini, and then enter Via Fornasini.

Going back along Via Matteotti, you come to the railway line, shortly after which you take a right, into Via XX settembre. Following Via Fonda, you come out of the village of Poggio Renatico and continue along Strada Provinciale 50. At the second roundabout on the provincial road, take a right onto Via Ponte Rosso. This becomes Via Coronella, which passes through the town of the same name and leads to the tower, Torre del Fondo.

Once at Torre del Fondo, turn right and follow the road, keeping to the right-hand side until you come out onto Via Padusa; shortly afterwards take a right onto Via Padusa, a straight but unsurfaced road, until you reach the provincial road SP8, or Via Ferrara. Follow Via Ferrara eastwards and you will go past the Torre dell’Uccellino where you can stop without crossing the fence.

From there, you continue along the SP8, or Via Poggio Renatico, and pick up the route of Trail No. 1.

Once in Ferrara, you pass the Po di Volano along the bridge at Via S. Maurelio and then turn left onto the cycle path that takes you past the bastions on the walls of Ferrara. The trail runs alongside the Bastion of S. Antonio, the Gate of Love, the Bastion of S. Tommaso and the stretch of defensive wall known as Sottomura Est degli Angeli. You enter the historic centre of Ferrara from Via Porta Mare, and follow this road as far as Piazza Ariostea and the junction with Corso Ercole I d’Este. Here you can visit the National Art Gallery of Ferrara, which is home to the 16th-century frescoes forcibly removed from the Fornasini tower in Poggio Renatico. Corso Ercole I d’Este is the road that leads to Estense Castle in Ferrara. From there, you follow the road down to the Harbour on the Burana canal.



Last update 27/04/2023