Frida Kahlo. A life in pictures

The protagonist of the exhibition is a twentieth-century artist who has become a global icon

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    Villa Mussolini, Viale Milano, 31 - Riccione
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    Art and exhibtion
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    Beach, Culture
  • Date
    2022 Nov 26 - May 1, 2023
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This exhibition was inaugurated at Villa Mussolini on an important and symbolic date, November 25th, the International Day for the elimination of violence against women, and will be open until May 1st, 2023.

The protagonist of the exhibition is a twentieth-century artist who has become a global icon, who has been able to influence taste and fashion, imposing her very peculiar style, and who is still a source of inspiration for the new generations today. Through about one hundred shots, mostly original, the exhibition, curated by Vincenzo Sanfo, reconstructs the events of the nonconformist life of this great Mexican artist, in search of the reasons that have transformed her into a female and pop icon on a global level.

The photos were taken by her father Guillermo during his daughter's childhood and youth and then by some of the greatest photographers of her time: Leo Matiz, Imogen Cunninghan, Edward Weston, Lucienne Bloch, Bernard Silbertein, Manuel and Lola Alvarez Bravo, Nickolas Muray and many more. In this extraordinary "photo album" the often painful but always passionate events of a life follow one after another, in addition to Frida’s loves, friendships and adventures. Also on display is a group of very personal small photographs of Frida, taken by the art gallery manager Julien Levy.

Finally, the exhibition includes some documents such as the original catalog of Frida’s exhibition, organized by André Breton in Paris, the first "manifesto of revolutionary painting" signed by Breton and Rivera, some lithographs by Rufino Tamayo, a photographic documentation of her famous Casa Azul and finally a video that puts together the few filmed images of the great Mexican artist.

There is an audio guide available to visitors to accompany the entire itinerary of the exhibition and it is included in the ticket price. The catalog, curated by Vincenzo Sanfo, is published by Papiro Art.

The ticket office closes half an hour before the closing time of the exhibition, the entrance ticket includes the audio guide.

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