Tredozio is in the Tramazzo Valley, on the border between Romagna and Toscana. The town is in the area of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park.

When to go and what to see

The small town is also a pleasant place to spend the summer and it boasts numerous antique handicraft activities.

The antique village of Tredozio has several 15th-17th Century palaces. 
Among these are the Fantini Palace, the SS. Annunciation Convent, and the San Michele Arcangelo church which preserve works of artistic interest.

Palazzo Fantini is a rural mill and manor house and also the most prestigious Tredoziese building. Built before 1500, in 1750 Lorenzo Maria Fantini decided to live there to give a suitable home to his family, who at the time owned 33 farms. The complex overlooks two courtyards that lead into a splendid Italian style garden.

The Parish Church of San Michele (XII century), which hosts a Crucifix painted on wood from the Riminese school (XIV century), was originally built with a single aisle; in 1795 the two lateral aisles were added.

The Church of the Company and Oratory of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie, built in the 14th century, preserves inside the image of the Blessed Virgin of the Graces.

On the table

Have a taste of Bartolaccio (“e Bartlàz” in Romagna dialect) a gastronomic delicacy, unique in its genre, singular for its crescent shape, plump and well stuffed, full of good smells, with a full flavor that goes from soft to robust.

For its ingredients (particularly local products) and for its authenticity, it is the best modern gastronomic rediscovery of a past food. Puff pastry made only of flour and water, filled with a mixture of mashed yellow potatoes, pork belly, seasoned parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and other spices and finally grilled.

Enjoy “la paciàrela”, polenta of less consistency seasoned with leeks and beans, left to cool and then reheated the next day on the plate.

Main events

Sagra e Palio dell'Uovo is a traditional festival coming from the ancient custom of beating hard-boiled eggs, which took place on Easter day as a propitiatory ritual to spring.


About 9 km from Tredozio it is possible to visit the Volcano of Monte Busca, known as the smallest volcano in Italy. Actually they are emanations of gaseous hydrocarbons which, in contact with oxygen, remain permanently alight. These flames of the so-called "burning fountain" are highly evocative.

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