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Bagno di Romagna - Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort

Healing thermal waters and slow-aged mud bring total relaxation in the lush greenery of the Apennines

Set in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, the peaceful village of Bagno di Romagna is the perfect destination for thermal water enthusiasts. As you stroll along the village streets, you will come across three spa facilities within a 10-metre radius, each reaping the benefits of the ancient thermal springs to provide their core services.

Boasting thermal pools and a spa open all year round, one of these facilities is the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort. Here, guests can benefit from the health properties of the various types of water that flow from the springs at different temperatures: the bicarbonate-rich, hyperthermal, alkaline, mineral sulphur water is 45°C, the thermal baths are 39°C, whilst the bicarbonate-rich, low-mineral, alkaline sulphur water flows at 14°C.

With the range of treatments available to help relieve conditions of the nose, mouth and ears and the musculoskeletal system, as well as gynaecological and blood vessel disorders, this thermal bath facility is the perfect place for those seeking to restore the body's wellness.

Mud therapy

The mud used at the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort owes its healing properties to a slow ageing process. Made from a mix of natural clay and thermal water, the mud is left to rest for at least 12 months in the pools.

At the end of the ageing process, this mineral salt-rich mud is ready to use, to wield all its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects on the muscles.

Wellness centre and thermal pool

In addition to the mud-based treatments available, the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort also provides a 45°C thermal water pool featuring an outdoor area with sunbeds, open in summer and winter; what better place to treat yourself to a warm, relaxing soak, perhaps to a snowy mountain backdrop?

Reach the peak of relaxation with one of the many massages available at the wellness centre, such as the energising Ayurveda massage, a lymphatic drainage massage, a Hawaiian massage or Balinese massage, to name a few. Or why not try the oil and thermal cream beauty treatments, available in individual or couple sessions.

For the complete thermal bath experience, the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort also has a spa therapy facility, where you can spend an hour and a half of peace and pampering as you move between the sauna, experience showers, steam baths and the vascular therapy system.


Last update 04/10/2021