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Terme di Brisighella

Restore mind and body with thermal waters to the peaceful backdrop of one of Italy’s most beautiful villages

The facility is currently closed for renovation.

In addition to having been crowned Italy's most beautiful village, and earning itself an orange flag in the Touring Club Italiano listing and membership in the Città Slow network, the little town of Brisighella also has a spa to its name, nestled in the surrounding hills.

Just a stone’s throw from the old town centre, with the famous Via degli Asini and Medieval fortress, the spa is set in magnificent parkland and features an outdoor swimming pool.

Be it a quiet stroll along the village’s ancient streets, or a stop at the restaurant to sample local flavours from the area, this spa facility makes for an excellent opportunity to while away a few hours and relax in the hushed setting of the hills above Faenza.

Thermal waters

The thermal waters of Brisighella come from two different springs and have different physical-chemical compositions: the Igea Val D’Amone spring supplies sodium chloride and iodide-rich water, whilst sulphur water issues from the Colombarino spring.

Renowned since ancient times, today these waters are used to treat a variety of different conditions, particularly those afflicting the ears, nose, larynx and pharynx. These waters are also recommended to help treat bone and joint disorders and metabolic and skin conditions.

Inhalations, balneotherapy and mud treatments

The Terme di Brisighella provides relief through inhalations, which have therapeutic effects on the immune system and can also help prevent the onset of colds. Guests can also benefit from a soak in a hot thermal pool, which reaches temperatures of 36°C - 38°C, filled with sulphur water or sodium chloride and iodide-rich water.

These pools stimulate the body with massaging water jets, whilst it takes in all the other benefits the water provides, such as the antiseptic properties of iodide and bromide.

During the mud therapy treatments, such as drainage massages and facial skin hydration treatments, the body is covered in a mixture of clay and thermal water, which promises to boost blood circulation through its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and stimulating properties.


Last update 04/10/2021