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Terme di Punta Marina

An oasis with sea views, just a few miles from Ravenna

Right by the sea, the Terme di Punta Marina spa is where the healing power of the thermal waters combines with the calm of the seaside and the lush-green of the pine forest. The complex comprises two thermal pools, a spa and the Terme Beach Resort, with its own private beach, specially to accommodate spa customers.

Owing to its proximity to Ravenna, which is just a 10-minute drive away and also offers public transport connections, the Punta Marina Terme spa lets you pack art, nature and wellness into one holiday, to the backdrop of the magnificent Ravenna landscape.

Thermal water

The thermal water used in the therapies and treatments at the spa comes from underground wells and is extracted at depths of 40 and 60 metres. This water is rich in sodium chloride, iodide, bromide, calcium and magnesium and is characterised by a high content of mineral salts which procure anti-inflammatory, decongestant and stimulant effects, making it highly recommended to treat disorders of the respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, and peripheral circulation, gynaecological and skin conditions.

Besides the benefits of this fossil water, at the Terme di Punta Marina you can also enjoy the effects of the sulphur water from Tabiano Terme. Indeed, hydrogen sulphide provides effective relief for nose and ear conditions.

The pools and spa

The facility also features a spa and two thermal pools filled with sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water at 33°C, where guests can soak in health and wellness all year round. Whilst one pool is specifically for motor rehabilitation, the other is used for water fitness classes.

The spa at the Terme di Punta Marina is an oasis of reinvigorating wellness treatments and therapies for all-round fitness and well-being. Besides the Finnish sauna with the relaxation area and herbal tea station, guests can indulge in a hydro massage in the pools filled with thermal water, or in one of the facial or body treatments available at the facility.

The massages available include washed, volcanic hot basalt massages that help the body to relax, and a massage that melts away tension in the muscles.

Treatments that are specifically for the face include the hyaluronic acid treatment that promotes cell regeneration, and the illuminating, antioxidant energising treatment. 

For a little body pampering, why not enjoy the effects of an aesthetic thermal mud wrap.


Last update 04/10/2021