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The Po ring routes

Bike&Boat itineraries

By bike and boat you can explore the province of Ferrara along the Anelli del Po, a new series of circular trails that combine pedal power and navigation so you can explore the wonderful natural settings of these UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the kingdom of bicycles and biodiversity of the Grande Fiume, you can choose from 3 circular trails with timed departures from Ferrara, so you can enjoy unique experiences as you discover the Renaissance art, areas of outstanding natural beauty and the local food and wine. 

The first loop is the Grande Fiume or “Great River” trail, which follows the course of the River Po from Ferrara to Bondeno and includes a visit to the Rocca di Stellata, a fortress with an unusual star-shaped floor plan, and the Archaeological Museum. The route then continues with a discovery of the historic Pilastresi canal network, the wetland ecosystems of Oasi Zarda and the Oasi di Vigarano.

The Renaissance Trail on the other hand takes you on a discovery of Ferrara’s golden age. This tour on two wheels through scenic countryside takes you to historic residences such as the Delizia del Belriguardo palace, also called the Versailles of the House of Este, and the Delizia del Verginese with its magnificently-decorated interiors and spectacular gardens. 

If you want to see the remarkable residences of the House of Este, opt for the Anello delle Delizie. This route takes you by bike as far as Villa Mensa and then to the Delizia di Copparo, a palace designed by Terzo de Terzi, and the Romanesque church of Pieve di San Venanzio, built in 1344 on an old riverbed. 

The new circular trails called Gli Anelli Del Po have been organised according to a calendar, to make them accessible to everyone and provide dedicated services, such as assistance during the bike sections, guided tours of the historic buildings and boat trips. 

The programme of river trails is opening up a new type of cultural tourism that combines river trips with sustainable mobility, giving tourists the opportunity to discover Italy's incredible historic, artistic, natural and environmental heritage.

Last update 26/04/2023