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Unique places in the world, museums that narrate the exploits of legendary characters and preserve memorabilia

Italy’s Motor Valley is first and foremost a place of history and tradition. This is well known by all the companies that are part of this industrial district and for this reason, they proudly allow fans from all over the world to discover the origins of Italian automobile success in their museums.

There is the Marco Simoncelli Museum - The history of Sic in Coriano (Rimini), dedicated to the enterprises and exploits of the motorcycle rider Marco Simoncelli, who experienced a premature death; the National Motorcycle Museum in Rimini dedicated to motorbikes from their origins to the present day; the “Francesco Baracca” Museum, which features the exploits of and memorabilia related to Italy’s top ace fighter pilot of the last century; the Scortichino Motorcycle Museum - Italian Glories.

Plus, there are the many, beautiful private collections that display the indescribable charm that motors and speed have always had over this land and its inhabitants.


Private Collections

Last update 10/04/2024