Emilia Romagna Welcome

The hospitality of culture

Culture, what a passion

Cinema, theatre, poetry and many Renaissance history trails: welcome to the land where culture, too, has a surprising, ever refined flavour..


«Sitteth the city, wherein I was born, upon the sea-shore where the Po descends to rest in peace with all his retinue…» (Inferno, Canto V, 97-99)

It was Dante, the “Supreme Poet”, who first sung the praises of Romagna, where he wrote the entire Divine Comedy. A land of beauty and passion, the greatest poets were drawn to it, and in their rhymes and tercets they painted the most beautiful and memorable pictures of it.

Along the hills that overlook the sea, Giovanni Pascoli’s Romagna solatia is a thoroughfare of monuments and artefacts that are a testament to the thousands of years of history that characterise all the main towns and priceless treasures of a culture that is more alive and thriving than ever.

From the fascinating and captivating Rimini of Federico Fellini, who described its beauty as though it were a soft and sensuous woman, to the views of Ferrara that inspired Michelangelo Antonioni and all his cinema imagery, Romagna is a cinema under the stars.




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