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Experience all the wellness that seawater brings at the Rimini spa

The spa in Rimini lies at the point where thermal waters merge with the ocean waves. Open all year round, the Riminiterme spa is situated right on the beach, an inevitable location in Romagna’s most famous seaside town.

On the Emilia-Romagna Riviera, the healing power of seawater has long been associated with the spa tradition. Rimini's thermal bath facility was first opened in the 1970s as the Thalassotherapy Institute, and was renovated in 2000 to become ‘Riminiterme’.

Today, the facility offers a vast range of thermal water treatments, including inhalations, balneotherapy, vascular treatments and water rehabilitation therapy sessions, as well as a wellness centre with a spa.

The Rimini facility comes first in two categories. Firstly, the spa’s private beach, Blue Beach, is the largest on the Rimini coastline; secondly, it is the only spa facility in Emilia-Romagna to use seawater in the therapy and treatments it provides.


Thalassotherapy treatments are the spearhead of Riminiterme's offering, and include algae-based cosmetic treatments, a vascular therapy system with seawater, seawater pools with massaging water jets, inhalation treatments and baths in the thalassotherapy pools.

The facility boasts as many as five seawater pools, designed to tone the body with massaging water jets that recreate the motion of waves, where you can also take part in a water aerobics class or experience the vascular therapy system. The water temperature, which constantly remains between 29°C and 34°C, allows you to enjoy a dip in the seawater even on cold winter days.

Beauty Spa

In addition to the health benefits of thalassotherapy, Riminiterme also lets guests enjoy the relaxing effects of the array of treatments available at the Beauty Spa wellness centre. Open all year round, this spa with sea views comprises a sauna and Turkish bath, a salt room, a pool with massaging water jets and a biomarine pool.

Choose from a wide range of cosmetic treatments for the face and body and then take your pick from one of the massages available.

Lastly, to offer a more comprehensive service, the SANWI Nordic Walking school was recently opened in the area, and aims to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.


Last update 04/10/2021