Emilia Romagna Welcome


The land of champions

Two wheels of happiness

Along the roads of Romagna, as light as the wind, cycling between the coast and the hills, through nature and history, discovering a territory that is like an oil painting; this is the land of champions.

For everyone in Romagna, cycling is like a religion. Amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts, not a single weekend goes by without us getting on our bikes and cycling along the roads of this land that is so generous, with its hills and long expanses on which to ride freely, enjoying the fragrances of the sea on the horizon.

Living as if we are always on holiday, cycling along ever-changing itineraries, from the more gruelling that take all day, to the easier ones that take just a few hours. Surrounded by an ever-changing landscape that spans from the tranquil countryside near Ferrara to the relaxing coastal stretch, to the gentle hills near Rimini and the steep slopes of the Apennines near Forlì.

The passion for cycling is the same passion that made Marco Pantani, the Pirate, one of the sport’s unforgettable champions: he helped us dream big and is still sorely missed. Here, throughout the year, professionals and enthusiasts train to compete in the top competitions and fight it out in long-distance races, like the legendary Nove Colli. These events have now become a veritable institution in Romagna, thanks also to the presence of hundreds of sports clubs that help train talented new cyclists.






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