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Golf courses in Romagna

All the golf clubs for holiday fun

Playing golf in Romagna means you have several golf courses with 9 or 18 holes to choose from, spread across the territory and suitable for both beginners and professionals

Between games you can visit the surrounding areas, exploring all the excellencies and distinctive features this area has to offer. For example, there are golf clubs located in the vicinity of Ferrara and Ravenna, giving you an excellent opportunity to explore these marvellous UNESCO cities teeming with art. 

If you love the seashore, you’ll be pleased to know that some of the courses are near the Adriatic Sea. So, after a round of golf you can spend the rest of the day at the beach or perhaps visiting one of Romagna’s seaside villages.

Don’t forget Romagna’s wine and food. The territory is rich in PDO and PGI products to delight your palate.

Info - official website www.emiliaromagnagolf.com 

Last update 30/07/2021