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Golf and spa holidays in Romagna

Pure sport and relaxation, the perfect theme for your next golfing holiday

In addition to technical skills, golf requires maximum concentration. You have to give your all to every shot.

A great way to be calm and collected on the course is to begin by spoiling yourself with an hour or so at the spa. Luckily, Romagna is rich in thermal waters famous for their beneficial effects on health and wellness.

For golfers who choose Ferrara’s courses, a short drive will bring you to Thermae Oasis in Lido delle Nazioni, inside the Po Delta Park. Castrocaro Terme, just a few minutes’ drive from Forlì, is a gem of Rationalist architecture, also offering wellness treatments in the evening. 

In the Casentinesi Forest National Park you can enjoy the Bagno di Romagna spas (Euroterme Wellness Resort and Terme Santa Agnese).

You can mix sport, wellness and time at the seaside at the golf courses closest to the Romagnola Riviera, in the provinces of Rimini and Ravenna. You can enjoy this relaxing combo at Riminiterme with its salt water pool, at Riccione Terme with massages and pampering treatments, or at Punta Marina Terme, located directly at the seaside. 

Terme di Cervia has a salt water pool, while inland from Ravenna you can visit Terme di Riolo.

Info: www.emiliaromagnagolf.com 

Last update 03/10/2021